3–5 € /Pork /Spicy and meaty sausages /0,5 l

3–5 € Pork Spicy and meaty sausages 0,5 l

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Green's Dubbel Ale

Ale / England

Prykmestar Wehnäbock

Wheat beer / Finland

Postrižinské Bogan Lager

Lager / Czech Republic

Prykmestar Luomu Pils

Pils / Finland

Novopacké Pivo Podkrkonošský Speciál

Dark lager / Czech Republic

Sori Investor IPA

Ale / Estonia

Jacobstads Bitter Brexit British Ale

Ale / Finland

Weihenstephaner Vitus Weizenbock

Wheat beer / Germany

Mikkeller Drink'in The Snow

Ale / Denmark

Prykmestar Wehnäbock

Wheat beer / Finland

Cerveza del Puerto Porter

Stout & porter / Chile

Baltika 9 Extra

Strong lager / Russia