8 € /Sweet desserts /3 l

8 € Sweet desserts 3 l

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CoolHead Black Velvet Imperial Stout can

Stout & porter / Finland

Bella Ella Bianco Zero

Mellow & sweet / Germany

Põhjala Jõuluöö

Stout & porter / Estonia

Heart Of Darkness When You Open This Bottle Real Raspberries Will Fly Out IPA

Ale / Vietnam

Mallassepät Barbaari Series Raspberry Sour

Speciality / Finland

Mansikka kuohu

Fruit-, aromatised- and other wines / Germany

Mallassepät Pimp My Raspberry Sour

Speciality / Finland

Amundsen Rebel Berries Pastry Sour can

Speciality / Norway

Malmgård Barley Wine 2018

Speciality / Finland

Doris plastic bottle

Flavoured fortified wine / Finland

JP. Chenet Ice Edition Demi Sec

Mellow & sweet / France

Thornbridge Love Among The Ruins

Speciality / England