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Folonari Passieno 2017

Luscious & jammy / Italy
Luscious & jammy
Red wine | Italy
Full-bodied, medium tannic, blackberry notes, cherry notes, spicy

McCarthy's Oregon Single Malt

Nuanced & structured / United States
Nuanced & structured
Whisky | United States
Medium-bodied, yellow, mildly smoky, tobacco leaf notes, dried fruits, green apple notes, sooty notes

    Reviseur VSOP

    Cognac vsop / France
    Cognac vsop
    Cognacs | France
    Amber-yellow, medium full bodied, rather aged, warm, dried fruits, honey notes, spicy, oak notes
      Green & ethical

      Morande Gran Reserva Syrah 2018

      Luscious & jammy / Chile
      Luscious & jammy
      Red wine | Chile
      Full-bodied, tannic, dark cherry notes, blackberry notes, light date notes, hint of cocoa, oak notes
      Green & ethical

      Cava Mar Salada Brut Nature

      Crisp & fruity / Spain
      Crisp & fruity
      Sparkling wine & champagne | Spain
      Brut, acidic, apricot notes, balanced, fruity

      Zuccardi Concreto Malbec 2020

      Luscious & jammy / Argentina
      Luscious & jammy
      Red wine | Argentina
      Full-bodied, medium tannic, spicy, oak notes, vanilla notes
      Green & ethical

      M. Chapoutier Belleruche Côtes-du-Rhône Blanc 2021

      Crisp & fruity / France
      Crisp & fruity
      White wine | France
      Dry, medium acidic, ripe citrus notes, pear notes, apricot notes, light herb notes
      Green & ethical

      Pratsch Erdverbunden Grüner Veltliner 2015

      Nuanced & structured / Austria
      Nuanced & structured
      White wine | Austria
      Dry, acidic, grapefruity, currant leaf notes, spicy
      Green & ethical

      Vite Colte Essenze Barolo Riserva 2010

      Nuanced & developed / Italy
      Nuanced & developed
      Red wine | Italy
      Full-bodied, very tannic, ripe sour cherry notes, cranberry notes, fig notes, light cinnamon-apple notes, spicy, oak notes, long

      Florian Mollet Pouilly-Fumé 2020

      Nuanced & structured / France
      Nuanced & structured
      White wine | France
      Dry, acidic, ripe greencurrant notes, citrus notes, green apple notes, hint of tomato leaves, minerally

      San Gaetano Primitivo di Manduria Riserva 2018

      Robust & powerful / Italy
      Robust & powerful
      Red wine | Italy
      Full-bodied, tannic, plum notes, dark cherry notes, date notes, oak notes, chocolaty, light mocha notes

      Prohibition Bootleg Blend 2015

      Smooth & fruity / United States
      Smooth & fruity
      Red wine | United States
      Medium-bodied, medium tannic, cherry notes, plum notes, blueberry notes