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Green & ethical

Santiago 1541 Gran Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon Syrah Malbec 2020

Luscious & jammy / Chile
Luscious & jammy
Red wine | Chile
Full-bodied, medium tannic, dark cherry notes, blueberry jam notes, ripe blackberry notes, cocoa notes

Barefoot Merlot

Luscious & jammy / United States
Luscious & jammy
Red wine | United States
Full-bodied, tannic, blueberry notes, cherry notes, light plum notes, vanilla notes, slightly flowery

Holba Premium

Lager / Czech Republic
Beer | Czech Republic
Yellow, medium-bodied, medium hopped, malt biscuit notes, ripe fruit notes, herbal notes
Green & ethical

Hiisi Humulus Lupus Double IPA

Ipa / Finland
Beer | Finland
Caramel-brown, full-bodied, cloudy, very strongly hopped, caramel malt notes, citrus notes, dried apricot notes, flowery, grapefruity

Fat Lizard Je Suis Saison

Speciality / Finland
Beer | Finland
Amber-yellow, medium-bodied, cloudy, medium hopped, grainy notes, fruity, spicy

Wieninger Ruperti Pils

Pils / Germany
Beer | Germany
Golden-yellow, medium-bodied, medium hopped, malt biscuit notes, ripe citrus notes, pine notes, slightly flowery
Green & ethical

Mallaskoski True Bock can

Strong lager / Finland
Strong lager
Beer | Finland
Chestnut brown, full-bodied, medium hopped, malty, plum notes, light syrup notes, slightly roasted

Paolo Cali Manene 2019

Berried & fresh / Italy
Berried & fresh
Red wine | Italy
Medium-bodied, medium tannic, sour cherry, ripe cranberry notes, raspberry notes, light leather notes, slightly flowery
Green & ethical

L'Auratae Nero d'Avola 2021

Luscious & jammy / Italy
Luscious & jammy
Red wine | Italy
Medium-bodied, tannic, blackberry notes, lingonberry notes, dark cherry notes, hint of pine, spicy

Castel Greve Chianti Classico 2018

Nuanced & developed / Italy
Nuanced & developed
Red wine | Italy
Medium-bodied, medium tannic, cherry notes, plum notes, spicy
Green & ethical

Finca Parera Clar 2021

Crisp & fruity / Spain
Crisp & fruity
White wine | Spain
Dry, acidic, grapefruity, minerally, apple notes

Lapin Kulta A can

Lager / Finland
Beer | Finland
Yellow, medium-bodied, medium hopped, malty, nutty, light herb notes