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1000+ € 8–10 € metal screw cap

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Green & ethical

Trapiche Pinot Noir Oak Cask 2019

Berried & fresh / Argentina
Berried & fresh
Red wine | Argentina
Medium-bodied, medium tannic, cherry notes, ripe cranberry notes, hint of medicinal herb, light oak notes
Green & ethical

Moselland Riesling Kabinett 2020

Crisp & fruity / Germany
Crisp & fruity
White wine | Germany
Medium sweet, acidic, honey melon notes, citrus notes, apricot notes, light rhubarb notes, hint of herb

Jim Beam

Smooth & fruity / United States
Smooth & fruity
Whisky | United States
Medium-bodied, amber-yellow, fruity, banana-like, grainy notes, vanilla notes
    Green & ethical

    Greenleaf Organic Riesling 2020

    Crisp & fruity / Germany
    Crisp & fruity
    White wine | Germany
    Dry, acidic, green apple notes, pear notes, honey melon notes, light herb notes, spritzy
    Green & ethical

    Baffo Rosso Chianti 2019

    Berried & fresh / Italy
    Berried & fresh
    Red wine | Italy
    Medium-bodied, medium tannic, cherry notes, raspberry notes, cranberry jam notes, herbal notes

    Martini Vermouth Bianco

    Vermouth / Italy
    Dessert wine & other fortified wines | Italy
    Pale, light, sweet, vanilla notes, herbal notes, slightly bitter

    Verduzzo delle Venezie 2020

    Mellow & sweet / Italy
    Mellow & sweet
    White wine | Italy
    Medium sweet, medium acidic, ripe citrus notes, apricot notes, honey melon notes, light lychee notes, spritzy
    Green & ethical

    Radio Boka Tempranillo 2020

    Smooth & fruity / Spain
    Smooth & fruity
    Red wine | Spain
    Medium-bodied, medium tannic, queen's jam notes, cherry notes, spicy, light vanilla notes
    Green & ethical

    The Damn Wall Medium Sweet 2018

    Mellow & sweet / South Africa
    Mellow & sweet
    White wine | South Africa
    Medium sweet, acidic, lemon jam notes, pear notes, peach notes, light yellow plum notes

    McGuigan Bin 3000 Merlot 2017

    Luscious & jammy / Australia
    Luscious & jammy
    Red wine | Australia
    Full-bodied, medium tannic, raspberry notes, plum notes, blackcurrant notes, hint of pine, spicy

    Fritz Walter Pinot Noir Rosé 2020

    Dry / Germany
    Rosé wine | Germany
    Dry, acidic, citrus notes, raspberry notes, ripe strawberry notes, light herb notes
    Green & ethical

    Aliwen Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

    Luscious & jammy / Chile
    Luscious & jammy
    Red wine | Chile
    Full-bodied, medium tannic, currant notes, dark cherry notes, raspberry notes, light paprika notes, spicy, hint of mocha