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Dautel Spätburgunder 2018

Berried & fresh / Germany
Berried & fresh
Red wine | Germany
Medium-bodied, low tannins, blackberry notes, sour cherry, cranberry notes
Green & ethical

Stellenrust Barrel Fermented Chenin Blanc B28 2021

Crisp & fruity / South Africa
Crisp & fruity
White wine | South Africa
Dry, acidic, yellow plum notes, honey melon notes, peach notes, citrus notes, spicy, light creamy notes
Green & ethical

Neumeyer Cuvée Libre Macération 2017

Smooth & light / France
Smooth & light
White wine | France
Dry, slightly acidic, apricot notes, fruity, yellow apple notes

Bava Viva in Bottiglia Frizzante 2020

Berried & fresh / Italy
Berried & fresh
Red wine | Italy
Medium-bodied, low tannins, cherry notes, berry notes, spritzy
Green & ethical

Louis Latour Château Corton Grancey Grand Cru 2012

Nuanced & developed / France
Nuanced & developed
Red wine | France
Full-bodied, tannic, spicy, blackcurrant notes, oak notes

Joseph Drouhin Moulin-à-Vent 2019

Luscious & jammy / France
Luscious & jammy
Red wine | France
Medium-bodied, medium tannic, cherry jam notes, cranberry notes, lingonberry notes, light spice notes

Joseph Drouhin Rully Rouge 2018

Berried & fresh / France
Berried & fresh
Red wine | France
Medium-bodied, medium tannic, sour cherry, ripe cranberry notes, light blueberry notes, spicy, herbal notes, nuanced

Podere Ruggeri Corsini Lolly Chardonnay 2018

Generous & toasty / Italy
Generous & toasty
White wine | Italy
Dry, acidic, fruity, flowery, nutty

Armunji Chinuri 2016

Nuanced & structured / Georgia
Nuanced & structured
White wine | Georgia
Dry, acidic, citrus notes, apricot notes, honey notes, light orange peel notes, hint of pine, herbal notes

Philippe Pacalet Corton Bressandes Grand Cru 2019

Berried & fresh / France
Berried & fresh
Red wine | France
Medium-bodied, medium tannic, cherry notes, aromatic
Green & ethical

Joé Chandellier Alluvions 2020

Berried & fresh / France
Berried & fresh
Red wine | France
Light-bodied, low tannins, berry notes, cherry notes, blueberry notes

Cap Maritime Pinot Noir 2019

Berried & fresh / South Africa
Berried & fresh
Red wine | South Africa
Medium-bodied, medium tannic, ripe cranberry notes, cherry notes, blackberry notes, herbal notes, hint of violet, slightly roasted, nuanced