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Delas Chante Perdrix Cornas 2020

Robust & powerful / France
Robust & powerful
Red wine | France
Extra full-bodied, tannic, spicy, herbal notes, aromatic
Green & ethical

Pühaste Siksak DDH Double IPA can

Ipa / Estonia
Beer | Estonia
Golden-yellow, full-bodied, cloudy, medium hopped, fruity, apricot notes, citrus notes

Thornbridge Pink Grapefruit Halcyon can

Ipa / England
Beer | England
Golden-yellow, full-bodied, strongly hopped, grapefruity, citrus notes, pine notes

Salvatore Marino Turi Rosato 2021

Dry / Italy
Rosé wine | Italy
Dry, very acidic, cherry notes, redcurrant notes, minerally

Orava Pike Bite can

Ale / Finland
Beer | Finland
Yellow, light-bodied, strongly hopped, grapefruity, pine notes, spicy

Lyme Bay Traditional Mead

Speciality / England
Beer | England
Amber-brown, sweet, honey notes, beeswax notes, apple notes, hint of nut

Paulaner Weissbier Dunkel

Wheat beer / Germany
Wheat beer
Beer | Germany
Light brown, medium-bodied, cloudy, mildly hopped, wheat notes, bread notes, ripe banana notes, creamy, clove notes, hint of cocoa
Green & ethical

Musa Red Zeppelin Red Session IPA

Ipa / Portugal
Beer | Portugal
Bright red, medium-bodied, cloudy, with a rich head, strongly hopped, orangey, aromatic, pine notes
Green & ethical

Thomas Pico Gamay Pinot Noir 2018

Nuanced & developed / France
Nuanced & developed
Red wine | France
Medium-bodied, medium tannic, sour cherry, flowery, leather notes
Green & ethical

Pühaste Disposable Art DDH Double IPA can

Ipa / Estonia
Beer | Estonia
Golden-yellow, full-bodied, cloudy, strongly hopped, fruity, apricot notes, aromatic

Basson SMG 2020

Luscious & jammy / South Africa
Luscious & jammy
Red wine | South Africa
Full-bodied, medium tannic, blackberry notes, cherry notes, wild strawberry notes, mocha notes, light smoky notes
Green & ethical

Hardys Nottage Hill Shiraz 2021 plastic bottle

Luscious & jammy / Australia
Luscious & jammy
Red wine | Australia
Medium-bodied, medium tannic, dark cherry notes, blackberry jam notes, light blackcurrant notes, hint of mocha, spicy