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Sovibor Mamoré de Borba White 2020

Crisp & fruity / Portugal
Crisp & fruity
White wine | Portugal
Dry, acidic, citrus notes, apricot notes, honey melon notes
Green & ethical

Crazy Bulles Rose 2021

Medium dry / France
Medium dry
Rosé wine | France
Medium dry, acidic, wild berry notes, citrus notes, fruity
Green & ethical

The Boss Prosecco Millesimato Extra Dry 2020

Crisp & fruity / Italy
Crisp & fruity
Sparkling wine & champagne | Italy
Dry, medium acidic, green apple notes, pear notes, honey melon notes, hint of fennel, light herb notes
Green & ethical

Små Rode Rasberry Liquorice

Salmiac liqueurs / Denmark
Salmiac liqueurs
Liqueur & bitter | Denmark
Dark brown, full-bodied, cloudy, salty, liquorice notes, raspberry notes

Engel Premium Pils

Pils / Germany
Beer | Germany
Golden-yellow, medium-bodied, medium hopped, malty, grainy notes, light herb notes, hint of grapefruit

Alko Tools Champagne Saver

A stopper will help preserve the bubbles in an opened sparkling wine bottle. Turn the top of the closure to open and close (green = open, red = closed). Fits the most common sparkling wine bottles. Handwash.

    Silverthorn The Genie Rosé Brut

    Nuanced & structured / South Africa
    Nuanced & structured
    Sparkling wine & champagne | South Africa
    Brut, acidic, berry notes, aromatic, nuanced
    Green & ethical

    Nederburg Cabernet Sauvignon 2019

    Nuanced & developed / South Africa
    Nuanced & developed
    Red wine | South Africa
    Medium-bodied, medium tannic, leather notes, oak notes, dark cherry notes
    Green & ethical

    Kalpa Kilpisydän Syrah 2018

    Luscious & jammy / France
    Luscious & jammy
    Red wine | France
    Full-bodied, medium tannic, blackberry notes, raspberry notes, spicy

    Zuccardi Q Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

    Nuanced & developed / Argentina
    Nuanced & developed
    Red wine | Argentina
    Full-bodied, tannic, blackberry notes, blackcurrant notes, dried plum notes, oak notes, toasted, roasted

    Malmgård X-Porter

    Stout & porter / Finland
    Stout & porter
    Beer | Finland
    Brownish-black, extra full-bodied, with a rich head, strongly hopped, chocolate malt notes, cocoa notes, toasted, roasted, spicy, rich, full-bodied, balanced
    Green & ethical

    Pra' Otto 2020

    Nuanced & structured / Italy
    Nuanced & structured
    White wine | Italy
    Dry, acidic, green apple notes, light apricot notes, citrus notes, currant notes, minerally, hint of herb