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Green & ethical

KWV Classic Collection Cabernet Sauvignon 2019

Luscious & jammy / South Africa
Luscious & jammy
Red wine | South Africa
Full-bodied, tannic, blackberry notes, blackcurrant notes, cherry notes, light herb notes

Gammel Opland Aquavit

Aquavit / Norway
Gin and other spirits | Norway
Golden-yellow, dry, warm, cumin notes, ripe fruit notes, citrus notes, light fennel notes

    Rocca delle Macie Sant'Alfonso Chianti Classico 2018

    Nuanced & developed / Italy
    Nuanced & developed
    Red wine | Italy
    Medium-bodied, tannic, sour cherry, cranberry notes, fig notes, herbal notes
    Green & ethical

    Villa Puccini Toscana 2016

    Luscious & jammy / Italy
    Luscious & jammy
    Red wine | Italy
    Medium-bodied, medium tannic, ripe cranberry notes, light plum notes, herbal notes, hint of stable

    Casa Rojo CL98 2020

    Robust & powerful / Spain
    Robust & powerful
    Red wine | Spain
    Extra full-bodied, tannic, blackberry jam notes, dark cherry notes, herbal notes

    Latourba Cival 2019

    Crisp & fruity / Lebanon
    Crisp & fruity
    White wine | Lebanon
    Dry, acidic, peach notes, citrus notes, tropical fruit notes
    Green & ethical

    Grant Burge Barossa Ink Shiraz 2019

    Smooth & fruity / Australia
    Smooth & fruity
    Red wine | Australia
    Full-bodied, medium tannic, chocolaty, dark cherry notes, mocha notes
    Green & ethical

    9 Lives Reserve Apasionado 2020

    Smooth & fruity / Chile
    Smooth & fruity
    Red wine | Chile
    Medium-bodied, medium tannic, blueberry notes, strawberry notes, raisin notes, light vanilla notes
    Green & ethical

    Hamina Tattoo Valkoviini

    Crisp & fruity / South Africa
    Crisp & fruity
    White wine | South Africa
    Dry, medium acidic, apple notes, fruity
    Green & ethical

    Llopart Carmí Rosat 2017

    Dry / Spain
    Rosé wine | Spain
    Dry, medium acidic, fruity, citrus notes, cherry notes
    Green & ethical

    Hermanos Lurton Organic 2020

    Luscious & jammy / Spain
    Luscious & jammy
    Red wine | Spain
    Full-bodied, tannic, blackberry notes, sour cherry, cranberry notes, spicy, hint of herb

    Barbados Rommi plastic bottle

    Dark rum / Finland
    Dark rum
    Rum | Finland
    Golden-yellow, light, dryish, warm, light arrack notes, banana-like, slightly spicy