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Verrocchio Prosecco Extra Dry

Smooth & light / Italy
Smooth & light
Sparkling wine & champagne | Italy
Dry, acidic, yellow apple notes, pear notes, peach notes

Red Leaf Vidal Icewine 2015

Dessert wines / Canada
Dessert wines
Dessert wine & other fortified wines | Canada
Sweet, acidic, dried apricot notes, pineapple notes, ripe pear notes, honey notes

Kweichow Moutai Prince

Spirit / China
Vodka & spirit | China
Colourless, dry, broad, spicy, aromatic

    Greenfield Organic Gin

    Gin / France
    Gin and other spirits | France
    Colourless, dry, sharp, juniper berry notes, citrus notes, light coriander notes

    Meukow VS plastic bottle

    Cognac vs / France
    Cognac vs
    Cognacs | France
    Light brown, medium full bodied, youngish, sharp, sweet fruit notes, light caramel notes, spicy

      White Claw Hard Seltzer Raspberry can

      Berried / Belgium
      Mixed drinks | Belgium
      Colourless, dry, raspberry notes, fresh, refreshing

        Oppigårds Thurbo Stout

        Stout & porter / Sweden
        Stout & porter
        Beer | Sweden
        Black-brown, full-bodied, cloudy, medium hopped, dark chocolate notes, coffee notes, orangey

        That Boutique-y Gin Company Strawberry & Balsamico Gin

        Gin / England
        Gin and other spirits | England
        Dark brown, dryish, warm, fruity, medicinal herb notes, dark chocolate notes

          Hugel Gewürztraminer Vendange Tardive 2012

          Mellow & sweet / France
          Mellow & sweet
          Dessert wine & other fortified wines | France
          Sweet, medium acidic, lychee notes, apricot notes, orange peel notes, light flowery notes, balanced, elegant
          Green & ethical

          Somersby Pear Cider

          Pear cider / Finland
          Pear cider
          Cider | Finland
          Sweet, pale, light, medium acidic, rich pear notes, citrus marmalade notes, fruit candy notes

          BrewDog Layer Cake Stout can

          Stout & porter / Scotland
          Stout & porter
          Beer | Scotland
          Dark brown, full-bodied, medium hopped, toasted malt notes, syrupy, caramel notes, rich chocolate notes, coffee notes, vanilla notes, hint of raspberry

          Young's Double Chocolate Stout

          Stout & porter / England
          Stout & porter
          Beer | England
          Coffee-brown, medium-bodied, with a rich head, medium hopped, toasted malt notes, rich cocoa notes, mocha notes, light vanilla notes