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Astoria Prosecco Frizzante

Crisp & fruity / Italy
Crisp & fruity
White wine | Italy
Medium dry, medium acidic, apple notes, pear notes, spritzy

Manz Pomar do Espirito Santo 2016

Luscious & jammy / Portugal
Luscious & jammy
Red wine | Portugal
Extra full-bodied, medium tannic, spicy

Boulard Grand Solage Calvados

Calvados / France
Brandy, Armagnac & Calvados | France
Amber-yellow, medium full bodied, youngish, warm, ripe apple notes, oak notes, balanced

    Blue Nun Red Alcohol Free

    Smooth & fruity / Germany
    Smooth & fruity
    Non-alcoholic | Germany
    Purple, medium full bodied, medium-sweet, low tannins, berry notes, blueberry notes, vanilla notes

    Montelobos Ensamble Mezcal

    Tequila / Mexico
    Gin and other spirits | Mexico
    Colourless, dry, warm, fennel notes, herbal notes, black pepper notes

      Talisker The Distiller's Edition 2017 Single Malt 2017

      Nuanced & structured / Scotland
      Nuanced & structured
      Whisky | Scotland
      Full-bodied, golden-yellow, smoky notes, dried fruits, orangey, spicy

        Gran Passione Rosso 2018

        Smooth & fruity / Italy
        Smooth & fruity
        Red wine | Italy
        Medium-bodied, medium tannic, blackberry notes, oak notes, vanilla notes
        Green & ethical

        Ogier Côtes du Rhône Artesis Blanc 2020

        Crisp & fruity / France
        Crisp & fruity
        White wine | France
        Dry, acidic, apricot notes, peach notes, citrus notes

        Willimaku Mesiangervo Kuohujuoma

        Mellow & sweet / Finland
        Mellow & sweet
        Non-alcoholic | Finland
        Golden-yellow, sweet, slightly acidic, flowery, almond notes, herbal notes

        De Kuyper Apricot Brandy

        Fruit liquers / Holland
        Fruit liquers
        Liqueur & bitter | Holland
        Yellowy brown, tawny, full-bodied, apricot aroma, bitter almond notes, light brandy notes

          Delpech Fougerat XO

          Cognac extra / France
          Cognac extra
          Cognacs | France
          Copper-brown, medium full bodied, rather aged, sharp, fruity, oak notes, herbal notes