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Fabuloso Solera

Brandy / Spain
Brandy, Armagnac & Calvados | Spain
Amber-brown, medium full bodied, warm, ripe apricot notes, raisin notes, nutty, hint of chocolate, toasted, roasted

Sibona La Grappa di Brachetto

Grappa / Italy
Gin and other spirits | Italy
Colourless, dry, warm, full-bodied, red berry notes, fig notes, spicy, hint of sorrel

Ron Aldea Single Cane Vintage Rhum 2019

White rum / Spain
White rum
Rum | Spain
Colourless, medium full bodied, dry, sharp, sugar cane notes, spicy, aromatic, long

    Ron Aldea Maestro Añada Rhum 2009

    Dark rum / Spain
    Dark rum
    Rum | Spain
    Copper-brown, medium full bodied, dry, warm, dried fruits, black pepper notes, hint of chocolate, hint of arrack, balanced

      Flor de Caña Centenario 12

      Dark rum / Nicaragua
      Dark rum
      Rum | Nicaragua
      Amber-brown, medium full bodied, dry, warm, dried fruits, apricot notes, dark chocolate notes, vanilla notes

      The Old Curiosity Geranium & Mallow Gin

      Gin / Scotland
      Gin and other spirits | Scotland
      Slightly reddish, dry, sharp, juniper berry notes, meadow flower notes, herbal notes, hint of perfume

        Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin

        Gin / Ireland
        Gin and other spirits | Ireland
        Colourless, dry, sharp, juniper berry notes, citrus notes, tea notes, hint of liquorice root, fresh, refreshing

          Naud Ron Panamá 15 Años

          Dark rum / Panama
          Dark rum
          Rum | Panama
          Copper-brown, full-bodied, dryish, coconut notes, dried fruits, orange blossom notes, cocoa notes, vanilla notes