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1000+ € 3–5 € 0,75 l

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Smirnoff Ice Tropical

Fruity / England
Mixed drinks | England
Yellow, medium-sweet, fruity
    Green & ethical

    Boyne Irish Craft Pale Ale

    Ipa / Ireland
    Beer | Ireland
    Golden-yellow, medium-bodied, strongly hopped, honey malt notes, grapefruity, fruity, creamy, pine notes
    Green & ethical

    Hiisi Aarni Kuusenkerkkä Ale

    Speciality / Finland
    Beer | Finland
    Amber-brown, full-bodied, cloudy, strongly hopped, nutty, rye notes, spruce shoot notes, fruit pie notes, hint of resin, white pepper notes

    Newburgh MegaBoss IPA can

    Ipa / United States
    Beer | United States
    Yellowy brown, medium-bodied, cloudy, medium hopped, grapefruity, fruity, citrus notes
    Green & ethical

    Ballet Carte Noire Organic Demi-Sec

    Mellow & sweet / France
    Mellow & sweet
    Sparkling wine & champagne | France
    Medium sweet, medium acidic, honey melon notes, pear notes, hint of peach

    Greenall's London Dry Gin & Tonic can

    Citrusy / England
    Mixed drinks | England
    Colourless, sweet, citrus notes, juniper berry notes, bitter notes

      Duckstein Weizen

      Wheat beer / Germany
      Wheat beer
      Beer | Germany
      Pale yellow, medium-bodied, cloudy, with a rich head, mildly hopped, wheat notes, banana-like, apricot notes, light herb notes

      Mufloni Sunny Side IPA

      Ipa / Finland
      Beer | Finland
      Amber-brown, full-bodied, strongly hopped, malty, ripe fruit notes, light plum notes, spicy, rich, full-bodied
      Green & ethical

      Ruosniemen Sankari Red Ale

      Ale / Finland
      Beer | Finland
      Amber-brown, medium-bodied, strongly hopped, caramel malt notes, dried fruits, citrus notes, slightly flowery
      Green & ethical

      Barefoot Merlot

      Luscious & jammy / United States
      Luscious & jammy
      Red wine | United States
      Full-bodied, tannic, blueberry notes, cherry notes, light plum notes, vanilla notes, slightly flowery

      Bubbly White plastic bottle

      Products | Finland
      Dryish, flowery, citrus notes
        Green & ethical

        Jopen North Sea IPA

        Ipa / Holland
        Beer | Holland
        Amber-yellow, full-bodied, very strongly hopped, grapefruity, fruity