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Green & ethical

Smooth Escape Shiraz Cabernet 2020 carton package

Smooth & fruity / Australia
Smooth & fruity
Red wine | Australia
Medium-bodied, medium tannic, strawberry notes, ripe cherry notes, light plum notes, hint of vanilla
Green & ethical

Pizzolato Organic Prosecco Rose Brut 2020

Crisp & fruity / Italy
Crisp & fruity
Sparkling wine & champagne | Italy
Brut, acidic, fruity, strawberry notes, pear notes, yellow apple notes, minerally
Green & ethical

Lobetia Organic Rosé 2021 carton package

Medium dry / Spain
Medium dry
Rosé wine | Spain
Medium dry, acidic, raspberry notes, citrus notes, fruity, ripe lingonberry notes

Koskenkorva Vodka Sauna Barrel

Flavoured vodka / Finland
Flavoured vodka
Vodka & spirit | Finland
Pale yellow, dryish, soft, smooth, light tar notes, hint of eucalyptus, oak notes

    Tyyne Rosé 2021 carton package

    Medium sweet / Portugal
    Medium sweet
    Rosé wine | Portugal
    Medium sweet, acidic, strawberry notes, raspberry notes, arctic bramble notes, slightly spicy


    Herbal and digestive bitters / Italy
    Herbal and digestive bitters
    Liqueur & bitter | Italy
    Brown, full-bodied, dry, sharp, rich bitter notes, peppermint notes, medicinal herb notes, spicy

      Vana Tallinn Dark Liquorice

      Spice liqueurs / Estonia
      Spice liqueurs
      Liqueur & bitter | Estonia
      Amber-brown, full-bodied, warm, rich liquorice notes, rum aroma, light sour orange notes, herbal notes, aromatic

        Suomi Viina plastic bottle

        Spirit / Finland
        Vodka & spirit | Finland
        Colourless, soft, smooth, neutral

          Virvatuli Pihlajanmarjalikööri

          Berry liqueurs / Finland
          Berry liqueurs
          Liqueur & bitter | Finland
          Copper-brown, sweet, berry notes, spicy

            Leijona Viina plastic bottle

            Spirit / Finland
            Vodka & spirit | Finland
            Colourless, dry, warm, neutral

              Corona Finest Napoleon plastic bottle

              Brandy / France
              Brandy, Armagnac & Calvados | France
              Golden-yellow, light, young, warm, fruity, light caramel notes, light oak notes

                Kolme Leijonaa Savu plastic bottle

                Generous & powerful / Scotland
                Generous & powerful
                Whisky | Scotland
                Full-bodied, golden-yellow, smoky notes, dried fruits, grainy notes, tar notes, peaty, light mineral notes