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Jean Geiler Pinot Blanc 2017

Crisp & fruity / France
Crisp & fruity
White wine | France
Dry, medium acidic, honey notes, minerally, buttery

Saaremaa Cucumber & Ginger Gin

Gin / Estonia
Gin and other spirits | Estonia
Colourless, dry, warm, herbal notes, gin flavour, cucumber notes, hint of ginger

    Mezan Unaltered Jamaica Rum 2011

    Dark rum / Jamaica
    Dark rum
    Rum | Jamaica
    Golden-yellow, medium full bodied, dry, sharp, dried fruits, light pineapple notes, nutty, chocolaty, hint of honey, elegant

      Bivrost Cask Aquavit

      Aquavit / Norway
      Gin and other spirits | Norway
      Golden-yellow, dryish, warm, citrus notes, dried fruits, spicy
        Green & ethical

        Kendall Jackson Vintner's Reserve Chardonnay 2019

        Generous & toasty / United States
        Generous & toasty
        White wine | United States
        Dry, medium acidic, fruity, oak notes, long
        Green & ethical

        Jean Perrier et Fils Cuvée Gastronomie 2019

        Nuanced & structured / France
        Nuanced & structured
        White wine | France
        Dry, acidic, citrus notes, pear notes, greencurrant notes, light gooseberry notes, herbal notes

        Maxime Trijol VSOP

        Cognac vsop / France
        Cognac vsop
        Cognacs | France
        Amber-brown, full-bodied, rather aged, warm, dried fruits, light nutty notes, herbal notes, hint of oak

          T Barrel Aged

          Flavoured vodka / Finland
          Flavoured vodka
          Vodka & spirit | Finland
          Mahogany-brown, dryish, sharp, nuanced

            Olmeca Altos Añejo Tequila

            Tequila / Mexico
            Gin and other spirits | Mexico
            Golden-yellow, dry, warm, hint of citrus, light honey notes, smoky notes, herbal notes, oak notes, balanced

              Hermannin Mesi Hiisi

              Flavoured spirits / Finland
              Flavoured spirits
              Gin and other spirits | Finland
              Colourless, medium full bodied, warm, berry notes, spicy, nuanced

                Tbilvino Rkatsiteli 2020

                Crisp & fruity / Georgia
                Crisp & fruity
                White wine | Georgia
                Dry, acidic, pear notes, green apple notes, light currant notes, hint of mineral

                Tutkielma Savu & Ruis Viina

                Spirit / Finland
                Vodka & spirit | Finland
                Colourless, dry, soft, smooth, rye notes