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Green & ethical

Terre Nere Etna Rosato 2018

Dry / Italy
Rosé wine | Italy
Dry, acidic, strawberry notes, cherry notes, citrus notes

Muteman Gin

Gin / Finland
Gin and other spirits | Finland
Colourless, dry, soft, smooth, gin flavour, medicinal herb notes, spicy

    Koskenkorva Vodka Organic

    Vodka / Finland
    Vodka & spirit | Finland
    Colourless, dry, warm, grainy notes

    Black Stallion Cabernet Sauvignon 2019

    Robust & powerful / United States
    Robust & powerful
    Red wine | United States
    Full-bodied, tannic, blackcurrant notes, blackberry notes, cherry notes, pepper notes, oak notes, hint of chocolate

    Sighardt Donabaum Grüner Veltliner 2021

    Crisp & fruity / Austria
    Crisp & fruity
    White wine | Austria
    Dry, medium acidic, grapefruity, apple notes
    Green & ethical

    Caruso & Minini Bio Catarratto 2016

    Crisp & fruity / Italy
    Crisp & fruity
    White wine | Italy
    Dry, medium acidic, elderflower notes, herbal notes, peach notes
    Green & ethical

    Noita Hex Bag 2020

    Fruit-, aromatised- and other wines / Finland
    Fruit-, aromatised- and other wines
    Dessert wine & other fortified wines | Finland
    Dry, medium acidic, ripe citrus notes, wild berry notes, herbal notes, light pine notes
    Green & ethical

    Herdade do Cebolal Casa Branca 2018

    Nuanced & structured / Portugal
    Nuanced & structured
    White wine | Portugal
    Dry, very acidic, herbal notes, citrus notes, flowery

    Strega Liquore

    Spice liqueurs / Italy
    Spice liqueurs
    Liqueur & bitter | Italy
    Yellow, full-bodied, warm, lemon notes, herbal notes
      Green & ethical

      Gere Fekete Járdovány 2019

      Luscious & jammy / Hungary
      Luscious & jammy
      Red wine | Hungary
      Full-bodied, medium tannic, spicy, mocha notes, dark cherry notes
      Green & ethical

      Gillardi Maestra Dolcetto di Dogliani 2018

      Nuanced & developed / Italy
      Nuanced & developed
      Red wine | Italy
      Full-bodied, tannic, spicy, dark cherry notes, blackberry notes
      Green & ethical

      XXVI Talhas Tinto do Tareco 2021

      Berried & fresh / Portugal
      Berried & fresh
      Red wine | Portugal
      Light-bodied, medium tannic, herbal notes, chokeberry notes, flowery