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Funky Fluid Gelato Berries & Cream can

Speciality / Poland
Beer | Poland
Reddish, full-bodied, cloudy, mildly hopped, aromatic

Funky Fluid Double Gelato Mango Lassi can

Speciality / Poland
Beer | Poland
Orange-yellow, medium-bodied, cloudy, mildly hopped, aromatic, fruity

Olvi Tuplapukki 8-pack can

Strong lager / Finland
Strong lager
Beer | Finland
Golden-yellow, full-bodied, medium hopped, malty, sweet fruit notes

Taylor's Chip Dry & Tonic can

Citrusy / Portugal
Mixed drinks | Portugal
Grain yellow, dry, spicy, citrus notes

    Two Roads Two Juicy Hazy Juicy IPA can

    Ipa / United States
    Beer | United States
    Pale yellow, medium-bodied, medium hopped, citrus notes, fruity, grapefruity

    O/O Baltic Porter can

    Stout & porter / Sweden
    Stout & porter
    Beer | Sweden
    Dark brown, full-bodied, strongly hopped, coffee notes, toasted malt notes, chocolaty

    Buxton Double Axe can

    Ipa / England
    Beer | England
    Orange-yellow, full-bodied, strongly hopped, aromatic, fruity, malty

    Bavaria Gluten Free Premium Pilsner can

    Pils / Holland
    Beer | Holland
    Golden-yellow, medium-bodied, medium hopped, biscuity, grainy notes, light herb notes

    RPS Hard Rock Lager can

    Strong lager / Finland
    Strong lager
    Beer | Finland
    Golden brown, amber, full-bodied, medium hopped, malty, dried fruits, spicy, herbal notes, hint of toffee
    Green & ethical

    Dugges Cola Fruit and Spice Sour can

    Speciality / Sweden
    Beer | Sweden
    Black, medium-bodied, mildly hopped, spicy, fruity, aromatic

    Nålla Kova Sooda Hard Seltzer Greippi can

    Grapefruity / Germany
    Mixed drinks | Germany
    Pale, light, dry, grapefruity

      A Le Coq Long Drink Grapefruit Alcohol-free can

      Water, juice and other / Finland
      Water, juice and other
      Non-alcoholic | Finland
      Grey, cloudy, sweet, grapefruity, citrus notes, light bitterness, hint of herb, fresh, refreshing