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Bareksten Botanical Gin

Gin / Norway
Gin and other spirits | Norway
Colourless, dry, warm, juniper berry notes, orange peel notes, coriander notes, light flowery notes, light tea notes, rich, full-bodied

    Helmi Kahvilikööri plastic bottle

    Liqueur & bitter | Finland
    Dark brown, medium full bodied, coffee notes, powerfully toasted

      Angostura 1787 Aged 15 Years

      Dark rum / Trinidad and Tobago
      Dark rum
      Rum | Trinidad and Tobago
      Mahogany-brown, full-bodied, sweetish, warm, toffee notes, dried fruits, oak notes

        Dry Vodka plastic bottle

        Vodka / Finland
        Vodka & spirit | Finland
        Colourless, dry, warm, neutral
          Green & ethical

          Candidato Ecologico 2019 plastic bottle

          Luscious & jammy / Spain
          Luscious & jammy
          Red wine | Spain
          Medium-bodied, medium tannic, dark cherry notes, blackcurrant notes, cranberry notes

          Koskenkorva Vodka 40 % plastic bottle

          Vodka / Finland
          Vodka & spirit | Finland
          Colourless, dry, warm, hint of grain

            Saaremaa Vodka plastic bottle

            Vodka / Estonia
            Vodka & spirit | Estonia
            Colourless, warm, neutral

              Skyy Vodka

              Vodka / United States
              Vodka & spirit | United States
              Colourless, dry, warm, neutral
              Green & ethical

              Tarapacá Santa Cecilia Malbec 2020 carton package

              Luscious & jammy / Chile
              Luscious & jammy
              Red wine | Chile
              Medium-bodied, medium tannic, blackberry notes, blackcurrant notes, plum notes, light spice notes

              Pople Peach Party plastic bottle

              Fruit liquers / Holland
              Fruit liquers
              Liqueur & bitter | Holland
              Orange-yellow, cloudy, full-bodied, ripe peach notes, mango notes, orangey, rich, full-bodied

                Gammel Dansk plastic bottle

                Herbal and digestive bitters / Denmark
                Herbal and digestive bitters
                Liqueur & bitter | Denmark
                Copper-brown, medium full bodied, dry, sharp, bitter notes, medicinal herb notes, ginger snap notes, light orange notes

                  Jaloviina * plastic bottle

                  Flavoured spirits / Finland
                  Flavoured spirits
                  Gin and other spirits | Finland
                  Amber-yellow, dryish, warm, hint of toffee, honey notes, light cognac notes