Dear business customer - Welcome to our webshop. Here you can find Alko's complete range of products. As a registered customer you can have your products delivered to your company address and pay your order by invoice up to 5000 euros.

In order to create a business account you'll need:

  1. A person with signatory rights to the company i
    We will check this information from the trade register.
  2. Finnish personal online bank credentials i
    Your personal online banking credentials are used to verify your age and signatory rights. Because of this do not use your company's bank credentials.
  3. Company ID i
    Enter the company's business ID in correct form: 1234567-8
  4. At least 18 years of age

In case the company you are representing is not in the trade register, please contact our customer support and we'll help you to create an account.

You can reach our customer service:

Please enter the company business ID in form 1234567-8. Please do not use special characters or spaces.

Please enter the company ID in form XXXXXXX-X