Don't let a drop become an ocean – talking about alcohol use

The sale of alcohol is about more than individual freedom, as it involves many social and health-related risks for both individuals and society as a whole.

According to the National Institute for Health and Welfare’s survey of drinking habits, at least 560,000 people in Finland who drink alcohol have a moderate or high risk of long-term health risks. Alcohol consumption can also have an impact not only on a person’s own wellbeing, but also that of their loved ones. According to the drinking habits survey, about half a million Finns have been seriously affected by the alcohol consumption of people who are close to them.

Alko does not aim to sell as much alcohol as possible. Our objective is to reduce the harmful effects of excessive alcohol consumption on society, both through our existence and concrete responsibility efforts.

One of these concrete efforts is the theme ‘Don't let a drop become an ocean.’ This theme seeks to spark discussion about the habits and situations associated with drinking alcohol.

Considering alcohol use from a variety of angles

  • Do you want to reduce your alcohol consumption? There are many ways to cut down on drinking. You can drink less per occasion, switch to a beverage with a lower alcohol content, or choose a non-alcoholic option. Or you can take a break from drinking.
  • Is alcohol use only a personal matter? When drinking becomes an everyday habit, the harmful effects of alcohol use are usually reflected in a person’s inner circle: family, friends and work community.
  • Alcohol and pregnancy don’t mix. Drinking during pregnancy can have serious effects on the unborn child.
  • Let’s allow children’s hobbies to be alcohol-free time. Adults should ensure that children have a chance to engage in hobbies in an alcohol-free environment.
  • Intoxicants, including alcohol, cost companies, society and taxpayers hundreds of millions of euros every year. Companies incur costs through factors such as sickness absences, sickness costs, and lower productivity.

Alko supports health and well-being

Sports and exercise are good ways to promote health and better life management. Sports clubs are a great way to get Finns moving, and to put healthy lifestyles within the reach of people of all ages. Clubs also lead to an increased sense of community – no one is excluded. Alko has been supporting Finnish sports clubs through the Finnish Olympic Committee since 2003, and we have also been involved in granting the Sports Club of the Year award at the Finnish Sports Gala since 2015.

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