Worried about alcohol use?

Are your worried about your own or a loved one’s alcohol use, or are others worried about your drinking?

Many of us think we are moderate users, but what does ‘moderate’ mean and how can you assess it? Are your worried about your own or a loved one’s alcohol use, or are others worried about your drinking? Does alcohol bring you more harm than joy? Would you like to cut down but don’t know how to start?

Test your alcohol use

AUDIT, a simple 10-question test developed by the World Health Organization (WHO), helps you to assess whether your alcohol use is moderate or excessive. 

Want to cut down on your drinking?

There are many ways to cut down on drinking. You can drink less per occasion, switch to a beverage with a lower alcohol content or choose a non-alcoholic option. Or you can take a brake from drinking – you may be surprised by how quickly you can see the health benefits of abstinence.  

If you can’t cut down on your own, you should seek help from the local health centre, your occupational health service provider or the nearest A-Clinic. Addictionlink.fi also offers a wealth of reliable information, support and advice on various substances and addictions. The services are intended for substance abusers and their friends and families, as well as for anyone interested in this topic. The service is provided by the A-Clinic Foundation.

Purchase ban agreement limits alcohol purchasing

To support you or a loved one to reduce problematic drinking, you can draw up a purchase ban agreement at any Alko store. A purchase ban agreement is a voluntary agreement aimed at limiting the customer’s purchases of alcoholic beverages from one or more Alko stores. The initiative for the agreement may come from the customer or from a close family member or loved one, but the agreement cannot be concluded without the customer’s consent. However, a guardian appointed by a local register office or district court has the right to draw up a purchase ban agreement on behalf of a customer, even if the customer has not consented to this. The agreement is always valid for a fixed term, which is determined by the customer. The customer may also cancel the agreement before its expiration.

The agreement can limit the number of beverages bought per visit or the alcohol content of the beverages. Alternatively, it can ban all purchases of alcohol by the customer.

To learn more about the purchase ban agreement, visit the nearest Alko store.

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