How to recycle packaging

Please recycle all beverage containers after use. You can return empty bottles to any recycling machine in Finland. Most of these can be found at supermarkets or shopping centres.

In addition to joint machines, there are recycling machines in Alko shops. The machines accept deposit cans, recyclable plastic bottles, refillable glass bottles and recyclable glass bottles.

How to sort out bag-in-boxes, corks and non-deposit containers 

Material Recycling / disposal
Paperboard boxes of box wine, cartons  Paperboard recycling
Plastic inner bags of box wine Plastic recycling, waste-to-energy* 
Aluminium inner bags of box wine  Mixed waste, waste-to-energy, plastic recycling*
Plastic taps and handles of box wine Waste-to-energy, plastic recycling* 
Natural corks Waste-to-energy 
Synthetic corks Waste-to-energy
Metal corks, Metal screw caps, metal skirts around the neck Metal recycling
Plastic screw caps Plastic recycling, waste-to-energy 
Non-deposit glass bottles  Glass recycling, no painted or laminated glass or pottery
Non-deposit cans Recycling machines or metal recycling

 *In the regions of Helsinki, Uusimaa, Turku and Southwest Finland, aluminium wine bags, together with their plastic taps, and all transparent and aluminium inner bags of wine boxes can be returned to collection boxes found in Alko shops. The bags will be used as raw material in the production of cement.

Read more about deposits on beverage containers. 

Suomen Palautuspakkaus Oy (PALPA) maintains a recycling system for beverage containers in Finland. More information on PALPA. 

The guidelines for sorting out packaging waste may vary from one municipality to another. Always follow the guidelines for your own municipality and each collection point. For further information on how to recycle packaging waste, please visit the Rinki and Kierrä sites.