Is organic or ethical your thing

You’ll make a responsible choice by looking for an ethically or environmentally certified product from Alko’s range. The certificates are a signal of a producer’s commitment towards responsibility and sustainability.

A selection of hundreds of organic products

We in Alko listed our first organic wine as early as in 1994. The share of organic products has been in continuous rise and nowadays there are already hundreds of certified organic or biodynamic products in the range.

The objectives of organic methodology in agriculture are first and foremost the benefits for the long-term fertility of the soil and for the improved condition and biodiversity of the surrounding natural environment. In viticulture the criteria for organic include also a low tolerated amount of sulfites in the end product and as small chemical residues in the end product as possible. An additional benefit from a wider perspective is the potential of the organically cultivated soil to act as a carbon sink which is increasingly important in the global efforts to curb climate change.

In addition to organic certified products, Alko’s range includes biodynamically produced red and white wines and champagne. Biodynamic cultivation methodology has been a growing trend especially in France but there are products with this label also from Spain, Italy, Austria and Germany as well as from the state of California.

Principles of growing and certifying organic
  • all tillage maintains life and soil’s natural fertility
  • plant protection is based on natural processes and does not harm surrounding ecosystems; only very limited use of pesticides
  • materials needed for sowing and multiplying plants has also been produced with organic methods
  • cleaning products in use in different phases are approved within EU
  • organic certifications are largely country specific especially outside the EU.

Ethical trade products since 2007

Alko’s range includes dozens of internationally certified ethical, or fair, trade products. Ethical trade is grounded on the idea that workers are paid a fair remuneration, that their rights aren’t compromised and their working conditions are decent.  Fair Trade, Fair for life or For life certified products have an established approved auditing practice. Ethically certified products can be found in both wines and brewed drinks as well as spirits categories.

In addition to developing assortment of ethically certified products, Alko collaborates with other companies as member of Business Social Compliance Initiative BSCI since 2012 and audits producers in risk countries to ensure ethical principles in supply chain.

Monopoly position sets obligations domestically in Finland

Alko bears responsibility of the human and workers’ rights as well as environmental issues in the drinks producing countries via the products that Alko purchases for retail.

The Finnish legislation regulates how the alcohol monopoly must function also concerning purchasing: decisions about Alko’s alcohol drinks assortment must be done on equal and non-discriminatory basis, and independently of the nationality or home location of the producer or supplier.

Principles of ethical certificates
  • The farmers in developing countries are paid fairly for their products and work
  • Work is done in proper working conditions
  • Workers have a right to join labour unions
  • Environmental criteria are followed in the production
  • Products are traceable
  • The monitoring system certifies both products and raw materials.