Lydia – the worst monsters don’t always live in fairy tales

Lydia is a game that destroys notions of what a game can be and what topics it can deal with.

In fact, it’s more of an experience than a game, as players get to identify with a little girl living in an alcoholic family. Lydia players jump into a world of shame, uncertainty and self-accusation. These are unfortunately everyday feelings for many people, but the game gives players the chance to experience them safely on screen. Lydia was born from a desire to bring out these feelings and atmospheres in an easy-to-understand and modern way: a game format.

Our games studio, Platonic Partnership, was established in early 2017 with a passion to create brand-new kinds of narrative games and experiences. Lydia came out in June 2017, and immediately received a great deal of attention in a variety of media all across the globe.

There is international interest in this Finnish game, whose main theme is alcoholism from a child’s perspective – and its origins only increase the story’s credibility. The topic is so sensitive and hushed up that even many of us here in Finland don’t really talk about it. And it is explored even less often from a child’s perspective in a form that would interest adults.

We are seeking to create brand-new, visually impressive and thematically strong experiences, for both gamers and the users of our virtual reality solutions. We also wanted to be able to handle painful things from a slightly different perspective or in a new way. We did not want to make Lydia an educational game about the dangers of alcohol abuse, but rather to create a broader experience of the impacts that alcohol has on friends and family, and in particular children.

Lydia is indeed an upside-down kind of entertainment, that is to say, an effective and safe way of eliciting thoughts and feelings, not all of which will be pleasant. If even one player gains a greater understanding of alcoholism, or starts to think about their own alcohol consumption, our game has achieved its goal. On the basis of feedback, our goal has already been achieved numerous times over, but our efforts to increase awareness of the effects of alcoholism are still ongoing.

It takes about an hour to play through Lydia. The game is divided into chapters, so you can take a break whenever you want and continue playing later.

We hope that everyone will seize this opportunity to play the game that won both the Best Creative Achievement and the People’s Choice award at the Finnish Game Awards 2017. We are exceedingly proud of being given the chance of working with Alko to make this Finnish-language game available to everyone in Finland.

And we wish you many thought-provoking moments with our game!

The Platonic boys