Customised orders

Alko provides multi-channel service for its corporate customers, both at stores and in the online shop. However, if no suitable solution for your company is available in these service models, we recommend the customised order service.

We offer customised orders for corporate customers that are unable place orders in our online shop. For example, the signup requirement of an authorised signatory may prevent some companies or corporations from creating an account in the online shop. The customised order service is an option also when delivery at a specific time is not possible when ordering in the online shop, as well as in cases where the customer requests an upstairs delivery.

How to place customised orders:

  • After filling in the order form on this page, email it to Alko’s customer service at
  • The order must be paid by credit or debit card, online bank transfer or Alko’s credit customer number. When using the credit customer number, the buyer must be authorised to use the credit account.
  • The delivery time is conditional to the importer’s stock, but the estimated delivery time is within 5–10 working days. Orders are always delivered to the company’s address.
  • Time specific delivery is also possible. Orders that include a request for time specific delivery must be placed at least two weeks or 10 working days in advance.
  • Customised orders can also include upstairs delivery.


Standard delivery

€35 (incl. VAT)

Time specific delivery on the selected date between 9.00–16.00

€50 (incl. VAT)

Upstairs delivery

€25/order in addition to the above fees (incl. Vat) 

Delivery to Suomenlinna

€150 initial roller cage + €30 / additional roller cages (incl. VAT)