Mobile app – local service. Wherever you are

With our free mobile app, you can find the closest Alko store, browse the selection and order products.

We aim to serve our customers to the best of our ability, wherever they are. These days, people live mobile lives and take care of many things digitally. We want to provide our customers with an easy way to use their mobile devices to browse Alko’s selection, easily find Alko stores and order products from our range of over 10,000 items. Did you know that an ordinary delivery to one of our stores is free of charge?

Download from your app store

You can find the Alko app on the App Store and Google Play The app is free to download and use.


The Alko App – all the flavours of the world

Alko’s selection evolves constantly. Our selection currently features more than 10,000 different products – too many to be stocked by a single store. On the mobile app, you can conveniently browse through our entire selection, perform product searches and have a closer look at a specific product.

You can also check which stores stock the product you want. Or the other way around: the selection of the store you intend to shop at.

Record your taste memories

Alko’s mobile app enables you to record your personal taste memories and rate the products you’ve sampled. You can also make lists of the drinks you’ll serve at upcoming parties or the products you’ve found that suit your taste, for instance.

Use the app’s handy barcode scanner to easily find a product from Alko’s selection.

Wherever your mobile is, there’s a store – Find your closest Alko

Alko has a network of 361 stores in Finland that evolves in step with the country. On the mobile app, you can find the Alko store or pick-up point closest to you.

You can also order products from Alko’s range using the mobile app.

Log in for a fuller experience

We serve all our customers on the app – but those who log in can do a bit more with it than those who don’t. When customers log in, they can create lists and buy products. The app redirects customers who don’t log in to and the online shop to do their shopping.

Download the free Alko app on the App Store or Google Play.