Collection of empty bottles

You can place an order for empty bottles to be collected from corporate premises or an event venue.

Email your request to

Include the following in your email:

  • desired collection date
  • amout of empty bottles
  • collection address and contact details for the contact person
  • payment method: Alko credit customer number/other method
  • bank account information for any refunds due

Please place your order at least two working days before your desired collection date.

The price of the service will be based on the number of roller cages required. We will also refund you for any empty bottles and cans that are included in the Palpa recycling system. You can pay for the collection of empty bottles using your Alko credit customer number or a Verifone payment link (debit and credit cards and online bank transfer).

Collection of empty bottles   Price
1 roller cage                       40.00 €
Additional roller cages         20.00 € per cage

For more information about the collection of empty bottles, please contact us via chat, by email at, or by telephone on +358 (0)20 692 771 (local or mobile call charges apply).