Frequently asked questions and answers: Shopping during the coronavirus pandemic

What should you keep in mind when shopping at an Alko store? What measures have we taken to ensure hygiene at Alko? Here you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions about how we’ve prepared for the spread of coronavirus.

1. What should customers keep in mind when shopping at an Alko store?

We request you to please pay by card and contactless. Always ensure good hand hygiene. Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve when you cough or sneeze. Keep a distance of at least two metres from other customers and staff. Remember that you must not come to a store if you’re sick. If you’re in quarantine, don’t go shopping. 

We recommend wearing the face mask in our stores advised by the regional recommendations of the health authorities.

Alko acts responsibly by ensuring that the legal age limits for buying alcohol are observed. Alko's salesperson must be able to verify the age of the customer and it's not possible if customer's face is covered. If you wear a face mask, please remove it while we check your age. The easiest way to do this is to grab the mask behind the earloops with clean hands and move the mask for a moment. Do not touch the mask itself or move it under your chin or forehead. After age verification, you can put the mask back on without touching your face.

2. What measures have we taken at stores to slow down the spread of coronavirus? 

Our staff is working to ensure excellent customer service even now. We are especially careful about cleaning and hygiene at our stores. We clean payment terminal keypads, cash register, tablet and phone touchscreens, cash register keyboards, shopping basket and cart handles, and checkout conveyor belts several times a day.

We don’t come to work sick. We cough and sneeze into a tissue or our sleeve, and maintain a safe distance from each other. We hope that our customers will do the same. Our in-store communications remind shoppers to comply with this. These recommendations and instructions are for the good of all.

In addition, we want to protect the health of both our staff and customers by installing plexiglass screens at our points of sale. These screens protect people against droplet infection. In addition, Alko employees wear a face mask in customer service situations.

3. Does the coronavirus affect Alko’s opening hours?

Our stores are open as usual. Use the store search function to check the location of your closest store and its opening hours (and any exceptions to them). Our online shop serves you as usual.

4. Does this situation affect the availability of Alko’s products?

In-store product ranges and availability remain unaffected.

5. How do I shop at Alko’s online shop?

Our online shop features our entire selection of more than 10,000 products. In the online shop, you can sort the product selection using many criteria – such as price, country or suitable food pairing. Read more about the online shop.

6. Can I get home delivery for products I order from the online shop?

According to the Finnish Alcohol Act, businesses that engage in the retail sale of alcohol are only permitted to hand over alcoholic beverages to a customer at an approved retail outlet. This means that home delivery of alcohol to consumers is not permitted in Finland.