Kutsu tavarantoimittajille: Tervetuloa pilottiryhmään keskustelemaan aiheesta elämiseen riittävä palkka

Pohjoismaiset alkoholimonopolit kutsuvat tavarantoimittajia ja heidän hankintaketjussaan olevia tuottajia pilottiryhmään keskustelemaan elämiseen riittävästä ja palkasta ja arvonjakautumisesta hankintaketjussa.

Kutsu koskee kaikkia tavarantoimittajia ja tuottajia, jotka toimittavat tuotteita jollekin pohjoismaiselle alkoholimonopoliyhtiölle. Kannustamme tavarantoimittajia rohkeasti mukaan projektiin. Ohessa englanninkielinen kutsu, jota voi mielellään jakaa eteenpäin hankintaketjussa. Annamme mielellämme lisätietoja aiheesta: responsible.purchasing@alko.fi

Invitation for importers and their producers to join round table discussion on living wage with the Nordic monopolies

To meet the existing and future requirements on living wages from international and national legislation and other initiatives (amfori BSCI), we are highly recommending our stakeholders to use the opportunity together shape and improve our mutual value chain and the Nordic monopolies roadmap regarding living wage.

Invitation to join a reference group

During the workshop in January, the need for dialogue between the actors in the supply chains was highlighted. We want to facilitate this dialogue and are therefore looking for importers who would be interested in joining a reference group together with their producer/s where living wage will be discussed in a roundtable format.

During the dialogue we are aiming to identify opportunities and challenges in relation to living wage. We wish to pilot concrete activities together with stakeholder in our value chain. Our goal is run a pilot project by the end of Q3 2022.

The Nordic alcohol monopolies creating a long-term roadmap for procurement processes in which paying a living wage is the norm. This theme will be a priority for our cooperation in 2022.

You are more than welcome to join this group if:

• You are keen on the subject and interested in finding ways to build collaboration regarding Living wage in the supply chain.

• Your company supplies products to at least one of the Nordic alcohol monopolies

• You are able to commit to a minimum of 3 Teams sessions with us during Q2-3

The reference group will have an important role in shaping the Nordic monopolies’ living wage work.

You can also read our blog on the topic: https://www.alko.fi/en/responsibly/nofilter/transparency-in-value-creation

If you and your producers are interested in sharing our experience, please email us at