Alko’s mission is: the most responsible way to sell alcohol in the world.

Our vision is to be esteemed by our customers. We want to provide world-class service and commendable contacts. Read more about Alko's strategy and key figures.

Alko’s mission is: the most responsible way to sell alcohol in the world. We enhance the Alko customer experience, while taking into consideration the task assigned to us, that is, to sell alcohol responsibly. In line with our strategy, we provide customers with world-class service within Finland's borders.

Alko’s strategy consists of four areas:

  • Don't let a drop become an ocean – a pioneer in responsibility
  • World-class service – commendable contacts
  • Success through enthusiasm
  • Agile and efficient – has economic impact.

By implementing our strategy, we seek to realise our vision of being esteemed by customers.

Alko in brief

Alko's mission is to sell alcohol responsibly and to serve both our customers and Finland’s welfare society as best we can. Our extensive selection brings the whole world to our customers’ fingertips. Together, we want to create a responsible food and drink culture in an impartial and non-discriminatory manner. We measure our social approval using the Opinions on Alcohol Policy survey commissioned by the National Institute for Health and Welfare. Alko’s approval rating stood at 61 (60) per cent in 2021. 

Alko in figures in 2021

  • 143 pick-up points
  • around 11,500 beverages
  • more than 860 beverage suppliers
  • EUR 966 million in alcohol tax and VAT paid
  • Equity ratio: 37,5 %
  • State ownership: 100 %
  • Established: 1932
  • Head office: Helsinki, Finland

Key figures 2021

  • Personnel (employees on average): 2,472 (2,454)
  • Million customer visits: 55.4 (57.2)
  • Number of stores: 368 (364)
  • Success rate in age-limit mystery shopping: 93.6 (97.9)
  • Total sales (million litres): 89.0 (92.7)
  • Taxable net sales (EUR million): 1,290.3 (1,296.7)
  • Profit for the financial year (EUR million): 55.4 (50.9)