Alko's operations are guided by specific legislation and ownership policy objectives set by the State.

Alko Inc is one of the State's special assignment companies, 'which have been assigned a certain task by the State or which do not operate in a competitive environment due to an exemption granted to them'. The key acts and regulations applicable to Alko's operations are as follows:

  • Alcohol Act (1102/2017)
  • Alcohol Decree (1344/1994)
  • Decree on the Operation of the Alcohol Company (243/2000)
  • Decree on Alcoholic Beverages and Spirits (1344/1994)
  • Decree on the retail sale of alcoholic beverages by sending them to the customer or the buyer (680/1996)
  • Act on Excise Duty (182/2010)
  • Act on Excise Duty on Alcohol and Alcoholic Beverages (1471/1994)
  • Act on Excise Duty on Certain Beverage Containers (1037/2004)
  • Waste Act (646/2011)
  • Government Decree on packaging and packaging waste (518/2014)
  • Government Decree on refund systems of beverage containers (526/2013).

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health adheres to the Ownership Steering Act (1368/2007) and cooperates with the Ownership Steering Department of the Prime Minister's Office.