How does Alko choose products?

Alko offers thousands of different products from dozens of different countries. Learn how products end up on Alko’s shelves.

Alko seeks to offer a diverse and interesting selection that is continually evolving. Every year, we update our selection with thousands of new products. One store will offer between 300 and 3,000 products depending on its size.

On what grounds does Alko choose its products?

Alko’s selection is based on our customers’ needs. Our product repertoire consists of more than 200 product segments that help to ensure a broad and customer-oriented selection in every store. Alko continuously monitors product demand. The more demand there is for a product, the more stores it will be available in.

We pay attention to our customers’ feedback and requests, and also study the latest trends. On the basis of these requests, feedback and trends, Alko decides what kind of products are required and draws up a selection plan. New products and specialities are also available in stores according to customer demand and customer requests.

What does Alko’s product offering consist of?

The backbone of our product offering consists of products for which there is year-round demand. This selection is rounded out with seasonal products, such as summer rosé wines and Christmas mulled wines, and some rarer specialities. Special editions are on sale for a limited time only, and constantly change in accordance with trends and the seasons.

Alko is always on the look out for seasonal products, special editions, and new products for its standard selection. These product calls are public and open to everyone. Alko also has a separate sale-to-order selection. Suppliers and producers can add their products to this selection without responding to a specific product call. All of the products in the sale-to-order selection can be ordered via the Alko online shop, and some may also find their way onto store shelves to supplement the rest of the selection.

How does the product call process work?

Alko is continuously publishing product calls in accordance with its selection plan. Suppliers and producers may offer products matching the search criteria, and then submit samples for assessment.

Alko’s expert jury evaluates the samples, rates them, and then chooses both the top-scoring products and those that best match customer needs. Alko then analyses the samples in its laboratory to ensure both product safety and the accuracy of the product information. Various characteristics are checked during this analysis, such as the product’s alcohol percentage, a wine’s sugar content or a beer’s bitterness. Once the product has passed these tests, it is added to Alko’s selection.

How is a store’s selection put together?

No store is big enough to accommodate Alko’s entire selection. Each store can offer between 150 and 3,000 products depending on its size. All stores carry the most-purchased products in Finland. Every store also supplements its selection on the basis of local demand. Special and premium stores, which can be found in larger cities all across Finland, carry an extensive range of continually changing special editions. Alko’s entire selection is available in the online shop and can be ordered for collection from any store or pick-up point.

What if a customer can’t find the product they’re looking for at an Alko store?

It’s worthwhile asking the store staff. The product might be available nearby Alko store or in the online shop. The staff can also recommend similar products from their own store’s selection. Customers can also request a store to stock a particular product online at Each store looks through its customer requests on a weekly basis, and uses them to help develop and renew it selection. The full range of available products can also be ordered from the online shop.

Sending us your product requests and other feedback is always worthwhile. You can do this easily online at or in person at one of our stores. During store opening hours, our customer service is also available to help you with all of your queries.

How do store staff keep up to date with new products?

Alko provides continual training for its staff. Every Alko employee receives an average of 25 hours of product training per year. That’s why our sales staff are able to help you find the products you’re looking for or recommend beverages for a variety of different situations, such as celebrations or to accompany a particular dish.

Alko’s four selections

Standard selection

The standard selection consists of products from around the globe. These products form the core of our offering.

Special Editions

Special editions are on sale for a limited time only, and are targeted at food and drink enthusiasts in particular.

Sale-to-order selection

The sale-to-order selection consists of products that suppliers store in their warehouses and offer for sale through us.

Seasonal product selection

This seasonal product selection contains products that are stocked for a particular season or event.