Quality Control

Quality control team supervises the quality of beverages sold at Alko with regular sensory evaluations, in cooperation with the suppliers. In our work we utilize the laboratory tests made by Alcohol Control Laboratory (ACL) to make sure that the consumers have a safe and high-quality beverage selection at their disposal. We also check that the package markings on our products are up to the legal requirements. 

The quality control operations begins already from the new product selection process where we are in charge of the practical arrangements of the tastings. Quality control is a part of a tasting team, which chooses the new products for Alko’s selections. Before the sales of a new product can begin, the product goes through the sensory evaluation as well as a number of laboratory tests.

The quality of the products that are already in our selections is supervised by inspections in accordance with product group specific quality control programs. Products are tested and basic product information, such as images and vintage information, is updated when changes are notified to happen.

When you send us offer samples or samples of a change to a listed product, please use this address:

Alko Inc./Itella Logistics
Tikkurilantie 148
Gate 1, doors D 18-21
FI-01530 Vantaa, Finland

If you have questions concerning quality control or samples, please address them to laatupalaute@alko.fi

Quality Control Team

Quality control team is in charge of the quality of the beverages sold at Alko.

Email: firstname.lastname@alko.fi

Quality control manager Juha Viikari
tel. 020 711 5959
Quality anomalies, spirits
Quality control statistics and Best Supplier -survey
Evaluation of the offer samples (tastings)
Product legislation

Quality controller Jiri Hyvönen
tel. 020 711 5929
Quality anomalies, wines (bottles)
Delivery starting samples

Quality control chemist Leenamaria Järvinen
tel. 020 711 5891
Quality anomalies, brewery products, alcohol free products and wines (excl. bottles)
Product analyses

Quality controller Kaisa Rautio
tel. 020 711 5912
Offer samples
Product change samples

Quality control assistant Olli Mikkonen
tel. 020 711 5257
Products images

Quality control assistant Janne Kokkonen
tel. 020 711 2582
Offer samples
Product change samples
Documentary evidence regarding organic certification

Quality controller Sini Saarijärvi
On parental leave

In case of serious product defect or product crisis
Please contact Alko immediately to agree communication responsibilities and measures.

Contact always Alko’s quality control and product manager responsible for the product:
  • Quality control: see contact information below.
  • Product categories, updated contact information alko.fi