Bulletin for suppliers: Changes in product order in Alko shops

The customer experience in Alko shops is supported also with the product order. 

Because of expanding product assortment and variety some changes will be implemented to the product order in Alko shops to ensure a more fluent customer experience. Rosé wines’ increased assortment and customer demand has created a need to unite rosé wine bottles and bag-in-boxes to the same shelf. In larger Alko shops finding rosé wines will be supported by using signs which communicate separately bag-in-boxes and bottles from Italy, France and other countries.

In Alko shops’ also a new product group called wine drinks will be introduced. Wine drinks consist of aromatized wines, wine drinks, fruit wines and berry wines, the assortment of which has expanded in recent years. The wine drinks are placed next to the other wine product groups. Before the change the wine drinks have been decentralized and together with sparkling wines and ciders. After the change the wine drinks can be found from the one place in Alko shops.

The customers are increasingly interested in small wine bottles. The small wine bottles are therefore moved near the entrance of the shop and checkout area, so that customers have a possibility to find all wine product groups’ small bottles from the same place. Some Alko shops have already tried this location for small wine bottles, and it has been seen to support a successful customer experience.

The reforms of product order will be implemented in Alko shops during the summer 2020.