Responsible purchasing

In the issues of responsible purchasing we work in collaboration with the other Nordic Alcoholic Monopolies and require ethical practices from our suppliers. The responsible purchasing policy includes the environmental impact in the supply chain.

Alko is a member of an international Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) organization called amfori Business Social Compliance Iniative (amfori BSCI). It is a non-profit organization, the aim of which is to improve the social responsibility of supply chains worldwide. In addition to the ethical principles, the organization offers tools, such as the self-assessment form, training in the country of production and in the member countries, manuals, third party audits as well as a database for supply chains audits.   

The process of responsible purchasing is based on UN compacts and initiatives as well as other relevant internationally recognized conventions and directives. The aim is to create, for the procurement of alcoholic beverages, operative and follow-up principles with which it is possible to influence ethical practices of the suppliers of alcoholic beverages and draw attention to the principles of sustainable development.

As a amfori BSCI-member we require strong commitment from our suppliers and the companies that belong to or participate in our procurements supply chain. All our suppliers of alcoholic beverages must commit themselves with their signature to the ethical principles, to abiding by these principles and to actively promoting them.

Amfori BSCI Code of Conduct and its enclosures constitute a compact document which must be read and interpreted in its entity. The set consists of the following documents, which you will find below as attachments:

- amfori BSCI Code of Conduct

- Terms of Implementation for Participants (Alko)

- Terms of Implementation for Business Partners (Seller)

- Terms of Implementation of Business Partners to be involved in the BSCI monitoring process (Producer, Manufacturer)

- amfori BSCI Glossary

- amfori BSCI Reference

amfori BSCI Code of Conduct
amfori BSCI Reference
amfori BSCI Glossary
amfori BSCI terms of implementation for participants
amfori BSCI terms of implementation for business partners to be involved in the amfori BSCI monitoring process
amfori BSCI terms of implementation for business partners

Principles for the case by case evaluation when a producer’s subcontractor is not respecting the Conditions for responsible purchasing.