Purchase Plan 2/2016

You can make offers to the searches of this plan in the first half of the year 2016.
The products will then be in our selection between July and November 2016.

Due to the renewal of our Partner Network the offers for the searches of Purchase Plan 2/2016 can be submitted starting 4 January 2016.

Most of the searches of Purchase Plan 2/2016 include a search-specific information of the deadline for delivering samples. As before, the samples are to be delivered according to the more detailed instructions in the sample request that will be sent by email. In the case that the deadline for delivering samples is not included in the search, the schedule will be informed in the sample request.

11.12.2015 Amendments to Purchase Plan 2/2016

Searches RW160409 and S160103 have been amended.

  • Search RW160409 Rheingau Riesling, information added to other criteria:
    -Erstes Gewächs or Grosses Gewächs.
  • Search S160103 flavoured spirit, with supplementary type of pre-bottled cocktail:
    container: glass bottle of maximum 0.7 litres.

7.12.2016 Amendments to Purchase Plan 2/2016

The product types of searches B160101 and PW160103 have been amended.

  • Search B160106; bitter long drink
  • Search PW160103: non-alcoholic red wine

We are sorry for the mistakes. Please find the searches in the attachment below.

9.8.2016 Amendment to Purchase Plan 2/2016

Search PW160602 has been amended.

Amendment to the service product search PW160602. Several products may be purchased based on this search.