Beaujolais Nouveau 2018

In August - September we look for Beaujolais Nouveau wines as seasonal products. Please send your offers to arrive by 14 September 2018. 

Beaujolais Nouveau and Beaujolais Nouveau Villages require tightly scheduled logistic procedure and special arrangements. Therefore we recommend that you offer the products using Alko’s import service. If you wish to arrange the importation using your own logistics, please note that the products must be in all Alko shops one day before the sales begin. This is on 14 November 2018 at the latest.

Please note that a wholesale case suitable for the theme can be useful for displays at the shops, but the cases will not be evaluated in the sensory evaluation.

4.9.2018 Amendment to the searches KW180801 and KW180802

The amendments has been updated to the tenders -attachment.

  • amended: listing month estimate (10/2018)