Business Gifts

Do you want to thank your business partner with a gift? We’ll handle the wrapping and delivery – all you need to do is order the gift!

We offer companies the chance to order beverages as gifts and have them delivered directly to the recipient. The purchased gifts are delivered to the provided corporate addresses in wrapped gift boxes along with personalised cards.

  1. Ordering. To order business gifts, send an e-mail with the necessary information (product number and name, product quantity, delivery address) to Alko's customer service: Business gift orders cannot be placed in the online shop.
  2. Packaging service. You can order gift wrapping and packaging for all Alko beverage products that fit into a standard-sized bottle sleeve (90 x 90 x 345 mm). These include usually, for example, all bottles of wine and sparkling wine with a volume of 0.75 L or less. Our customer service (link) will help you in checking the size if necessary. The package models vary from season to season. The products already gift-wrapped are delivered in their own gift boxes.
  3. Providing texts for cards. Packages can also include a card. The card models vary from season to season. The cards will be pre-printed with the text chosen by the customer. All cards must use the same printable text, in other words, naming the cards individually or adding a personalised text is not possible.
  4. Delivering greeting cards yourself. The company ordering the gifts can also deliver their own hand-written cards to attach to the gifts. The maximum card size is 14 cm x 21 cm. Please inform our customer service at, if you want to provide your own greeting cards for your gifts.

Delivery and delivery time

Business gifts will normally be delivered within an average of 10 working days. Business gifts can only be delivered to a corporate address. Business gift orders can also include upstairs delivery. During peak seasons, it is a good idea to place your order on time to ensure that the product you want is available in sufficient amounts.

Prices and payment

The service charge consists of packaging and delivery costs.

Corporate delivery / address
€35 (incl. VAT)

Packaging fee
+ €4/bottle (incl. materials and VAT)

Additional fee for upstairs deliveries
+ €25 / address (incl. VAT) 

A business gift order is paid for via the Verifone payment link (debit and credit cards and online bank transfer).