Gift Orders from the Online Shop

With a selection of more than 10,000 products, you are certain to find great choices for business gifts. The ordered gift will be delivered to the Alko store nearest to the person receiving the gift.

You can also order products from the online shop as usual to your company’s address. If you wish, you can choose handy gift boxes along with your order, for packaging the products once the order has arrived.

Ordering a gift to the Alko store nearest to the person receiving the gift

  • The order is placed in the online shop, so after selecting the product, select “Order as a gift”.
  • The order will be delivered to the chosen Alko store or pick-up point. Please note that the delivery store of your choice cannot be changed after the order has been paid.
  • The gift will arrive in an online shop’s cardboard box.
  • This is most convenient when there is a small number of persons receiving gifts, as each order is placed and paid for as a separate order.
  • The normal delivery time to our store is 4–5 working days, and an express delivery is 1–3 working days.
  • The recipient receives an email when the order is available for pick-up. You can choose the appearance and wording of the message yourself. 

Order to a corporate address

  • The order is placed in the online shop and delivered to the company’s address.
  • During peak seasons, it is a good idea to place your order on time to ensure that the product you want is available in sufficient amounts.
  • In addition to gift bottles, you can order gift boxes. Please note that bottles will not be packaged in advance in gift boxes.
  • The products are delivered at their fastest in 2–3 working days. See more detailed delivery options.