Order in Advance

As a business customer, you can pre-order a product in our online shop. For orders delivered to business addresses, you can specify the desired delivery time within at most three months from the time of placing the order.

Placing an order

A pre-order can be placed by any company registered as our business customer.

Place your order as usual in the online shop. At checkout, select a specific delivery for the order. After this, you will be able to specify the desired date for the delivery.

Products availability affects the pre-order as follows::

  • Products available in webshop stock: delivery date can be set at three working days to three months from the order

  • Delivery time of products 6–7 working days: delivery date can be set at seven working days to three months from the order

For orders that are not readily available, i.e. availability is estimated to be 8–15 working days, you can request for a more precise delivery date after you have placed the order through our customer service (customerservice@alko.fi) at the earliest after 10 working days.

Prices and payment

Standard delivery
€25 (incl. VAT)

Additional feel for time-specific deliveries
+ €15 (incl. VAT)

Delivery fees are charged in the online shop when paying for the order.

If you pre-order through our customer service, you will pay for the corporate delivery in the online shop and a more delivery-specific extra fee via the Verifone payment link sent by the customer service.