Availability of seasonal gift boxes for the Christmas season 2016

The seasonal gift boxes are available at Alko shops this Christmas season. In future the aim is to offer Alko Online Shop customers the seasonal gift box products as well
The seasonal gift boxes for the Christmas season become available for Alko shop orders on 14th November 2016 according to the terms stated in the request for tenders. (http://www.alko.fi/en/alko-inc/for-suppliers/suppliers-files/file-for-searches/4.4.2016-seasonal-gift-boxes-for-the-christmas-season/) To ensure the availability of seasonal gift boxes for Alko shops, they will not be available on Alko Online Shop this season.

In future, the seasonal gift boxes will be included in the selection of Alko Online Shop as well. However, this requires process and system development. Alko aims to ensure that in the future the Alko Online Shop customer will see both of the product variants side by side and that the product logistics functions as desired.

Alko has informed the shops about the policy regarding the seasonal gift boxes for this Christmas season. The shops are prepared to serve customers in shops and to guide the corporate customers to be in contact with the customer service when products with gift boxes are concerned.

More information:

Mika Kauppinen, Assortment Manager (mika.kauppinen@alko.fi)
Paula Kujansivu, Director of Business Operations (paula.kujansivu@alko.fi)