Small changes to offer forms

Minor changes have been made to the offer forms.
Due to the reform of Partner Network, minor changes have been made also to the paper forms on Alko's webpage for the offer forms to be identical both on webpage and on Partner Network. The Annex of  Alko's terms of purchase and delivery has been updated according to Listing instructions 2016.

In addition, it is now stated on the offer form that the offer is valid 12 months from the deadline of the search unless otherwise stated with a separate date. Therefore if the offeror wishes to have a different date than 12 months from the deadline of the search, the offeror may fill in a specific date until which the price quote is valid, as before.

Besides the English offer form for Alko's importation,  the offer forms for Alko central warehouse deliveries and Alko shop deliveries are now also found also in English both on Partner Network and in paper form at

Please make your future offers on this new offer form. If you wish to send the offer as a scanned copy by email, the address is