Terms of use of Alko Oy’s digital services

Read the terms of use of Alko’s digital services below.

1 Terms of use

These provisions contain the terms concerning the use of Alko Oy’s (“Alko”) Alko.fi online store service (“Service”) and Alko mobile app (“Service”). Using the Service requires the acceptance of these terms of use.

The Service user (hereafter “Customer”) accepts the terms and agrees to comply with these terms by using the Service. In addition, the Service contains communications and practical instructions that complement the terms. Alko reserves the right to amend these terms and the Service content. By using the Service, the Customer accepts the changes. The most recent version of the terms and conditions is available on Alko’s website.

The Service and its content is owned by Alko, and all rights related to them belong to Alko. The Service can be viewed, browsed and printed for the Customer’s own, private use. However, the text or images contained in the Service must not be used for commercial purposes or otherwise in a way that violates Alko’s intellectual property rights. Releases published in the Service may be used for journalistic purposes, provided that the source of the information is mentioned while using it. The Customer is responsible for all consequences of unauthorised use of copyrighted material of Alko and its possible partners.

2 Registration

Customer refers to a private or business customer who is registered for the Service for the purpose of using the Service. A private customer is a natural person who is at least 18 years of age and subject to these terms of use and the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act. A business customer is a legal person who is in possession of a valid Business ID. Natural persons who are registered for and use the Service must be of age.

Private customers can order products through the Service either by first registering as a user of the Service or without registration. Business customers must have a valid Business ID and enter it into the Service when they sign up.

To order products, the Customer has to accept separate order and delivery terms as well as meet the requirements set therein. Alko reserves the right not to sell or hand over goods to the Customer.

When registering for the Service, the Customer creates a username and a password for using the Service. The username is the e-mail address of the Customer. This way, the Customer is registered as the user of the Service.

For business customers, Alko has the right to verify, by using a third service provider, that a person has the right of representation of the company or the community in question. Alko verifies that the person’s position authorises him or her to accept the terms and conditions and to order and pay for products.

3 Using the Service

The Customer is responsible for the accuracy of the information he or she provides to Alko. Alko is not responsible for damages or disruptions that are caused to the Customer or to a third party because of inaccurate information provided by the Customer. The Customer is responsible for the accuracy of the information he or she provides to the Service provider as well as for the use and storage of the username and the password. The username and password are always personal.

Buying products always requires the customer to identify themselves using online banking codes, to be at least 18 years old and, for business customers, registration.

The Customer is responsible for all costs that he or she incurs from using the Service, such as computer hardware, software and telecommunications.

The Customer agrees to use the Service only for the purposes under law and good practices.

Alko has the right to refuse registration, as well as, if necessary, to close the Customer’s username and the Service from the Customer.

4 Corporate customer account management

A corporate customer account must have an Administrator to manage the corporate account (“Administrator”). You can have more than one Administrator for an account. Both Administrators and Basic Users can place binding orders on behalf of the Customer in Alko’s online shop (“Basic User”). Administrators are responsible for adding and removing users and administrators of the corporate account. Administrators have an obligation to remove all unnecessary users from a corporate account.

Administrators are also responsible for modifying access rights for all users, limiting the payment methods available, and setting user-specific credit limits for invoicing at    laskuyritykselle.fi.

Information about the Customer’s Administrator or Administrators can be sent to the Customer upon request (an email request from a corporate customer).

5 Processing of personal data and cookies

Any personal data provided by the Customer, either electronically or otherwise, will be processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679) and Finnish national legislation. Alko is responsible for processing and storing the customer data in an appropriate manner.

The Customer’s personal data is collated and stored in Alko’s customer database. The way in which Alko uses personal data and cookies is described in Alko’s privacy policy on Alko’s website.

6 Alko’s contact information

Alko Head Office:

Alko Oy, PL 99, 00101 Helsinki

Alko Customer Service:

E-mail: asiakaspalvelu@alko.fi

Telephone: +358 (0)20 692 771 (local network rate)

Archived terms of use:
Terms of use of Alko Oy’s digital services - Archived 1.9.2022