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Hiisi Iku Turso

Stout & porter / Finland

Ambar Radler

Speciality / Spain

Fiskarsin Funky Luomu

Speciality / Finland

Põhjala Must Kuld Porter

Stout & porter / Estonia

Fiskarsin Will O' Wisp Wild Berry Sour

Speciality / Finland

Suomenlinnan Höpken Pils

Pils / Finland

Asahi Super Dry

Lager / Japan

The Good Cider of San Sebastian Apple

Cider / Spain

Saison Dupont

Speciality / Belgium

Leijona Vahva Lime

Citrusy / Finland

The Ugly Glühwein 2016

Mulled wine / Spain

Weihenstephaner Kristall Weissbier

Wheat beer / Germany