Lydia – a game that highlights the effects of alcohol use on children

This game takes the player into the world of a little girl who lives under the shadow of her parents’ alcohol use. Lydia is targeted especially at adults who have experienced the harmful effects of substance use by family members, and those who are considering the effects of their alcohol use on their own children.

The game handles a difficult and rather exceptional topic – adults’ alcohol use from a child’s perspective. It seeks to make adults think about their own alcohol consumption. It can also help adults who have personal experiences of harmful alcohol use by their own parents or someone else close to them.

Lydia – a childhood made of glass

When the alcohol use of a child’s parent or other relative continually harms the child’s growth and ability to lead a normal life, this can be called 'a childhood made of glass'. The child may find their parent’s behaviour or speech strange, frightening, stressful or embarrassing. Alcoholism can cast a shadow over a child’s entire life.

Lydia is an interactive story about a little girl who lives in an alcoholic family and suffers because of her parents’ drinking. In the game, Lydia wakes up in the middle of the night while her parents are having a party downstairs. Lydia seeks comfort from her teddy bear, who leads her into an imaginary world in which no one can hurt her or make her feel bad. Watch the trailer for the game in Finnish at the bottom of the page.

Download the Finnish-language mobile version for free

In 2018, Alko launched a Finnish-language mobile version of the game. The mobile version can be downloaded for free on both iOS and Android devices:

  Lataa App Storesta

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The original, English-language version of Lydia as a PC game, released by the Finnish company Platonic Partnership, is available via the game platform Steam for a fee.

Alko wants to promote a responsible drinking culture

Alko works in many ways and with a variety of partners to promote a responsible drinking culture. One of the most effective approaches has been to tackle the harmful effects of alcohol through a game.