Alko oy order and delivery terms for private customers

Read the order and delivery terms for Alko Oy's online store below. You can find Alko oy order and delivery terms for business customers here.


1 General terms and conditions

These provisions cover the terms concerning the ordering, delivery and cancellation of Products that are ordered through Alko Oy’s (“Alko”) online store service (“Service”) and Alko’s mobile app (“Service”). In addition to these terms and conditions, the sale of Products is governed by the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act.

When ordering Products via the Service, the Customer accepts the terms and agrees to comply with them. In addition, the Service contains communications and practical instructions that complement the terms. Alko reserves the right to amend these terms and the Service content. By using the Service, the Customer accepts the changes. The most recent version of the terms and conditions is available on Alko’s website.

2 Definitions

Private Customer or Customer refers to a natural person of 18 years of age or over who uses the Service and orders Products for their personal use.

Mild Alcoholic Beverages refers to alcoholic beverages that contain no more than 22% of ethanol by volume.

Product refers to all products sold by Alko.

3 Ordering and delivering Products

General information about the order process

All Customers ordering Products must be of age. Alko sells Mild Alcoholic Beverages to individuals of 18 years of age or over and stronger alcoholic beverages to individuals of 20 years of age or over.

The Customer is responsible for the accuracy of the information they supply to Alko. Alko is not responsible for damages or disruptions that are caused to the Customer or to a third party because of inaccurate information provided by the Customer.

Alko has the right to delete a Customer’s order, if the Customer is in breach or circumvention of the terms of the Service or acts in contravention of the law or good practice. Alko reserves the right not to sell or hand over Products to the Customer.

The main Product characteristics and prices are indicated on the Product page. Allergens contained in the Product are mentioned on the Product label. Prices include value-added tax, unless otherwise stated. An indication of Product availability and possible restrictions on availability is given in the same context. In the event of delivery problems related to an ordered Product, Alko will contact the Customer.

Alko is not responsible for damage caused by possible disruptions, faults or delays in Product processing or deliveries, arising for reasons unrelated to the Service. Alko is not responsible for damage caused by the unreasonable impairment of operations due to force majeure or an equivalent reason, such as the actions of a public authority, war or the threat thereof, an insurrection or riot, or disruptions that are beyond Alko’s control in mail delivery, automatic data processing, data transfer, other electronic communication or electricity supply, as well as disruptions caused by fires or other accidents, or labour disputes, such as strikes, lockouts, boycotts or blockades. In the event of force majeure or other of the above-mentioned circumstances, Alko has the right to suspend the delivery of orders until further notice.

Ordering products from the online shop

The Customer can order Products through the Service either by first registering as a user of the Service or without registration. The Customer is bound by their order once they have placed, accepted and paid for it.

Alko reserves the right to impose restrictions or conditions relating to the quantity of Products. Any product-specific purchase restrictions or other unusual terms and conditions governing a product will be displayed on the product card during the order process.

Special orders

A registered Customer may enquire about products that are not part of Alko’s selection by logging into the website and filling out the special order form. If the product is available, a purchase commitment will be required from the Customer before the special order can be placed. Special orders are non-returnable and a payment may be required in advance.

4 Methods of payment

The Customer must pay for the ordered Products when placing the order, by using one of the payment methods indicated by Alko.

Alko reserves the right to set limits on the total value of an order, which will depend on the chosen payment method.

Online shop orders

Payment is made using an SSL-encrypted payment form. The following payment methods are available: payment cards, online banking and mobile payment.

Payment cards (VISA, Mastercard, American Express): card details will be sent to the payment card intermediary via a secure connection. No card details are stored in Alko’s own systems.

Online banks (Nordea, Osuuspankki, Danske Bank, Handelsbanken, Savings Bank, Bank of Åland, S-Bank, Aktia, POP Bank, Oma Savings Bank): the Customer will be automatically directed to their bank’s payment service, where they will pay for their order directly from their bank account.

Mobile payment (MobilePay, Siirto): payment requires the Customer to download and set up the payment application in advance.

  • MobilePay’s terms and conditions:
  • OP’s general terms and conditions for payments:
  • Nordea’s terms and conditions for use of the Siirto service:
  • S-Bank’s terms and conditions for use of the Siirto service:

Online shop orders placed in an Alko store

Online shop orders placed in an Alko store must be paid for when the order is placed, either at the cash register or using mobile payment.

Mobile payment (see above for the service providers’ more detailed terms and conditions): MobilePay, Siirto

Payment at the cash register: payment cards (Visa Electron, Visa, Mastercard, Eurocard, American Express), mobile payment (ApplePay, GooglePay, SamsungPay, CityPay), cash.

5 Delivery

Delivery to an Alko store or pick-up point

Product delivery costs are indicated prior to purchase. The Products included in the service may only be delivered within Finland. If the delivery area is otherwise restricted, these restrictions will be indicated by the Service. Alko will deliver the Products to the Alko shop or pick-up point chosen by the Customer. Products can only be handed over to Customers during the opening hours of Alko shops.

The Customer must pick up their Products from a shop/pick-up point within 10 days of their notice of arrival. If the Customer fails to collect the Products within the period specified above, Alko can deem the Customer to have exercised their right to cancel the order, which will be discussed below in Section 6, and refund the price paid for the Products to the Customer as described in Section 6.

Handing over an order

The order may only be handed over against an order confirmation, and the Recipient must meet these terms and conditions and other legal criteria for the handover of the Products.

The ordered Products will be handed over to the Customer, provided that:

The individual concerned is 18 years of age or over if the Products are Mild Alcoholic Beverages, or 20 years of age or over if the Products are stronger alcoholic beverages;

the individual concerned is not behaving disruptively and is not obviously intoxicated; and

there is no justifiable reason to assume that an alcoholic beverage will be illegally handed over or passed on. The delivery of alcoholic beverages to the customer in exchange for payment (e.g. transport companies or taxis) is illegal.

If the recipient is someone other than the orderer, the order will only be handed over against the order confirmation.

The identity of the Customer is checked when the Products are handed over. Alko will store the Customer’s name in order to prevent and handle misdemeanours and problems, as well as to ensure data security.

The staff of the Alko shop or pick-up point to which the Products have been delivered always has final say in whether to hand over the Products.

6 Right to cancel and return Products

The Consumer Protection Act gives Private Customers the right to cancel orders within 14 days. The Customer must inform Alko of the cancellation within 14 days of receiving the Products, in which case the Products must be returned without delay and not later than within 14 days of the cancellation. A cancellation form, along with instructions for cancelling the order, will have been sent with the order confirmation. Simply returning the Products or not collecting them is not enough; the Customer must also notify Alko of the order cancellation in writing. If the Customer does not have access to a printer, the Customer can request a print-out of the form by contacting Alko’s Customer Service.

The Customer must also provide proof of purchase (order confirmation/receipt) when returning the Products. The Customer can return the Products by taking them to an Alko shop. The Products cannot be returned to a pick-up point. Alternatively, the Customer can return the Products by post. In this case, the Products must be packed carefully to prevent damage or breakages. The Customer bears the costs of returning the Products, such as postage and packaging.

In order for the Customer to retain their right to return the Products, they must be materially unchanged and undiminished. Returned Products must be in a sellable condition, and the original packaging must be undamaged and complete. Opened Products cannot be returned. The Customer must return the Products in their original packaging. The transport packaging can be opened.

Appropriately returned Products will be refunded to the Customer within 14 days of the Customer having notified Alko of the cancellation of the order and having returned the Products to Alko. If the Customer returns only some of the Products, the delivery costs will not be refunded. Refunds will be made using the same method of payment that the Customer used when placing the order.

If the Customer cancels an order by notifying Alko of the cancellation or by not collecting the Products, Alko has the right, at its discretion, to relist the Products or, if necessary, destroy the Products.

7 Notification of faults and limitation of liability

Alko is liable for any faults found in the Products or their delivery as per the Consumer Protection Act. The Customer must notify Alko of any faults found in the Products within a reasonable period of time in order to give Alko an opportunity to rectify the fault or to otherwise compensate the Customer. The Customer must deliver the faulty Product to an Alko shop. When notifying Alko of a fault, the Customer must present the order confirmation/receipt for the order made. Complaints are not processed at Alko’s pick-up points. Alko will replace the faulty Product or provide compensation of another kind.

Alko must be notified of any faults in writing. Only written notifications of faults will be processed. Notifications of faults can be submitted by email to or by post to Alko Oy, Customer Service, PO Box 99, FI-00101 Helsinki.

Unless otherwise stipulated in the mandatory provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, Alko cannot be held liable for any indirect loss incurred by the Customer, and Alko’s liability for any direct loss incurred by the Customer for breach of contract will be limited to the total value of the Products ordered.

8 Processing of personal data and cookies

Any personal data provided by the Customer, either electronically or otherwise, will be processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679) and Finnish national legislation.

The Customer’s personal data is collated and stored in Alko’s customer database. The use of personal data and cookies is described on Alko’s website.

9 Applicable law and settlement of disputes

Finnish law applies to these order and delivery terms, excluding connecting factor rules.

All disagreements arising from and related to these terms of order and delivery should be settled through negotiations between Alko and the Customer in the first instance. If an amicable resolution cannot be reached through negotiations, the dispute will be settled in a court of the Customer’s home jurisdiction. However, Private Customers always have the right to take disputes arising from these terms and conditions to the Consumer Disputes Board ([A1] ). Private Customers may also seek a resolution to a dispute via the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) forum ( Using the ODR forum requires Alko’s email address, which is

10 Alko’s contact information

Alko Head Office:

Alko Oy, PL 99, 00101 Helsinki


Alko Customer Service:


Telephone: +358 (0)20 692 771 (local network rate)