Management team

Alko Inc. has a Management Team consisting of six members.

Alko Inc.'s Board of Directors appoints the President & CEO, the President & CEO's deputies and other members of the Management Team.

The Management Team handles the company's strategy, action plan and budget as well as other matters to be presented to the Board of Directors.

The Management Team's task, moreover, is to monitor financial performance, business operations and the implementation of operational decisions.

The Management Team meets regularly, on average twice per month.

You can send mail to the Management Team to the following postal address: Alko Inc., POB 99, 00101 HELSINKI



Leena Laitinen

President and CEO Chairman of the Management Team

b. 1970

Master of Economics and Business Administration

In service to Alko since 1.10.2017

Assistant, CEO
Minna Mattila
telephone 020 711 5294

Anton Westermarck

Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

b. 1968

Master of Economics and Business Administration

telephone 020 711 5441

In service to the Alko since 2014

Mika Kauppinen

Acting Executive Vice President, Assortment and Procurement

b. 1973


telephone 020 711 5381

In service to the Alko since 2009

Maritta Iso-Aho

Executive Vice President, Communications

b. 1964

Master of Administrative Sciences, eMBA

telephone 020 711 5443

In service to Alko since 2008  

Kari Pennanen

Executive Vice President, Stores and Facilities

b. 1964

Master of Social Sciences, eMBA, Certified Real Estate Manager

telephone 020 711 5112

In service to Alko since 1989

Heli Hassinen-Biberger

Executive Vice President, Personnel

b. 1970

Master of Arts, MBA

telephone 020 711 5596

In service to the company since 2019