Information concerning supplier’s advertising

We ask our suppliers to consider these instructions when planning their advertising.

Alko is heading towards to the best customer experience in Finland. Together Alko and suppliers should ensure right and clear communication. We ask our suppliers to consider these instructions when planning their advertising.

Alko in supplier’s advertising

Customers have thought that supplier’s advertising is Alko’s advertising. This has caused confusion with sales persons and customers. Supplier has to ensure that customer understands from the advertisement that Alko is only the retailer and this is not promotion made by Alko. It is not allowed to use Alko’s logo without permission.

Customers can see products and availability information on –pages. When advertising products supplier should consider that delivery times of products from the Alko Online Shop can vary and also that products can run out from Alko’s and supplier’s warehouse. Desirable way is that supplier recommends customers to check the availability of a product from –pages. The supplier should also ensure that the product availability is sufficient for the duration of their advertising campaign.

Instructions for creating links to Alko Online Shop in supplier’s online advertising are still valid. Alko’s ‘siirry tästä verkkokauppaan / click to reach the online shop’ icon is allowed to be used when creating a link to Alko Online Shop. This icon has to be used only as such and any own added illustrations, text or other elements are not allowed. 

Sales packages

Alko reminds that it is not allowed to use any loose elements in the sales packages (for example neck hangers). Alko is going to immediately interfere if those are noticed in products. Possible costs will be charged from the supplier.


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