Alko as an Employer

Alko has almost 2500 experts who work diligently to offer our customers world-class service.

Our employees are of key importance in both providing world-class customer service and ensuring Alko’s success. Our personnel’s wellbeing and job satisfaction are of paramount importance to us. Our profound expertise and enthusiastic attitude towards customer service are reflected in how we serve our customers.

We offer numerous different job opportunities whether you are looking for a job as a summer employee in our stores or as an expert in our head office.

Please notice that you must speak Finnish or Swedish to work in Alko.

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Seasonal Work during Summer and Christmas seasons

We have vacancies for seasonal workers yearly during our high seasons. Seasonal work is an excellent opportunity to get work experience and show expertise and to find a permanent job in Alko.

We hire yearly over 500 new employees to work as seasonal workers. Summer recruitment starts in January or February and Christmas recruitment starts in September.