Water has benefits that you can’t get from other thirst quenchers

The right beverage crowns a good meal, experience or evening out. And there’s one that beats all the rest – pure water. Drinking water is vital for humans.

How much water should you drink per day?

According to current recommendations, a healthy adult needs 2–3 litres of liquid per day. Half of your daily water intake should come from beverages and the other half from food. An adult should therefore drink about 1–1.5 litres of liquid per day.

Children and the elderly also need 1–1.5 litres of liquid in addition to what they get from food. Elderly people have less water in their bodies than younger people, which means that dehydration can occur quickly and be more serious.

Water is vital for humans, as it maintains our fluid balance, regulates our body temperature, and plays an integral role in our metabolism.

Sweating, taking a sauna, and warm summer days will increase our need for liquids. Water is undoubtedly the best beverage to quench thirst, as it does not contain any excess sugar. Elderly people should also note that certain medicines will increase their need for liquid.

Alcohol dries out the body

Alcohol is not a suitable beverage for quenching thirst, as it dries out the body. And in addition to it removing liquid from your body, you may forget to drink water while enjoying your alcoholic drinks. So remember to drink water in between!

Drinking water with meals helps to balance flavours

There are special beverages to complement the taste experience of every dish. However, it’s always a good idea to have some refreshing water available at mealtimes. Water balances flavours and rinses the palette in preparation for the next taste sensation.

Finnish water is some of the purest in the world

Many tests have proven that Finnish water is some of the purest in the world. We have an excellent opportunity to drink sufficient water, as high-quality, carefully monitored drinking water is piped directly into our homes.

Source: National Institute for Health and Welfare